The great guys over Brain Wash made a exclusive interview with our favourite actress, Holliday Grainger!Check out part of it, and the rest over the source, which also has a really cool introduction on how they’ve (she and interviewer) known before and what happened before the interview!

BW: So where are you at right now?

Holli: I’ve got a little bit of time off, so I’m going to finish my degree in English Language and Literature, which I’ve been doing forever.

BW: Speaking of, you’re in the new Great Expectations [as Estella] did you see the recent BBC version?

Holli: Yeah, I loved it. The BBC adaptation embraced the realism, whereas ours stays true to the novel but embraces the love story a bit more. I’m friends with Vanessa [Kirby] and thought she was great as Estella.

BW: The casting is pretty perfect, particularly the Helena Bonham Carter role.

Holli: Yeah, you couldn’t pick a better Miss Havisham and I think Jeremy will make a shit-hot Pip.

For some reason, I talk over Holli to ask, ‘Who’s Uncle Pumblechook?’ (From now on, it gets fairly messy, so I’ll go down to individuals. We’re not pros.)

H: It’s the only person I’ve not met, so I’m not sure actually…David Walliams! I think Uncle Pumblechook is David Walliams. Am I right?

Craig: I dunno, I’ve not done my research.

Walliams sounds bang on casting too, he does an excellent impression of a dickhead. We chat a little more about the cast before asking an almost professional question.

C: So do you prefer TV series or features?

H: TV series is great because you get longer, there’s more you can do with it. The story of the Borgias is epic, there’s so much you couldn’t put in a feature. I started off as a little 15 year old girl and then by the end of series two I’m a woman with a kid who’s threatening to kill her family.

C: So you like to develop a character. How does that balance out with such a well-covered character like Estella?

H: With Estella it’s really complex, I feel like I know the character [from the book], but I also know the version I’m trying to portray. It’s complicated, there’s like three scenes that I’m trying to fit a lifetime of emotional manipulation in to.




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