If her performance in Great Expectationsis anything to go by, that’d be a resounding yes.

The 24-year-old Brit puts in a luminous performance as the dangerously attractive Estella, who bewitches Pip (Jeremy Irvine) in this version of Dickens’ classic.

Glad in jewel-bright gowns, Grainger is every inch the period drama heroine, finally taking centre stage after supporting roles in Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina and Bel Ami.

Other stars include Helena Bonham Carter as the scheming, delightfully eccentric Miss Haversham, Ralph Fiennes as the mysterious Magwitch and David Walliams the amusing Uncle Pumblechook.

Meanwhile Jeremy Irvine’s profile continues to rise as newly-minted Pip, who lives it up in London after his mystery benefactor grants him a bachelor pad and the money to match.

A romantic costume drama that’s beautiful to look at. 

Great Expectations is out Friday November 30th



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