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Holly was interviewed by Belfast Telegraph about ‘Cinderella’ and ‘ Bonnie & Clyde’.

Holliday Grainger has admitted it was “fun” playing an ugly sister in the new Disney adaptation of Cinderella.

The Bonnie And Clyde star and Downton Abbey’s Sophie McShera will play the vain, snooty daughters of the wicked step queen, played by Cate Blanchett, in the film directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Holliday joked: “I don’t know what I’m allowed to say – I think there’s somebody from Disney following me around with a sniper rifle listening in to all my interviews at the moment.

“It’s going to be a proper epic fairytale film, it’s going to be beautiful. And it was definitely an amazing experience working on such a huge scale production.

“Going from something like Bonnie And Clyde [the new TV miniseries which she stars in with Emile Hirsch] where it’s minimal crew and fast paced shooting, and certain things like they couldn’t afford a sign that said ‘school’ for one scene outside a school.

“And then you go onto something like Cinderella and there’s these huge beautiful, intricate sets and every detail is there and planned. You feel like you’re walking into another world, someone else’s world for a time, and wandering around being amazed by it all.”

::Holliday stars in Bonnie And Clyde which continues on Lifetime UK on Thursday, February 13 at 9pm.

Holly made a few interviews that went online today and two of them were on BBC Radio shows!

One of them was with @danwalker on BBC Radio 5. And another with The Becky Want Show . If any appears online we will upload it to everyone! Though a photo from @danwalker show has been released:


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And a few online interviews:

Holliday Grainger: Why Bonnie Parker would have gone on Big Brother (source for more)

We all know the fate of Bonnie and Clyde, the young outlaws who became media sensations during the lowest ebb of the 1930s American Depression. But that hasn’t curbed the public fascination with their story, even 80 years on. The latest dramatisation – Bonnie and Clyde – is a slick US-produced affair with Emile Hirsch and Holliday Grainger as the notorious duo, starring alongside Hollywood heavyweights Holly Hunter and William Hurt.

Back in their heyday, a large part of the national obsession was the glamorous image the pair purveyed. Before she met Clyde, Bonnie harboured aspirations of being a film star and, according to Grainger, it was that frustrated dream that nudged her towards a life of crime. “She was smart and creative but there was nothing open for women then. She could have been a secretary or a waitress, on the lookout for a good man. Clyde and this life of crime gave her a lot more control – there’s that way of taking your life into your own hands and being anti-establishment and free-spirited. Rebellious.”


Bonnie & Clyde: Interview with Holliday Grainger (source for more)

~VBWhat was your favourite part of playing Bonnie Parker?

HG: It’s been the first time in ages I got the chance to do action stuff! And it’s also about research. I always love the research, get my head in another character in another time, and choosing between the real character and the character in the script. She’s such a strong character, so interesting, so many layers, from needy innocence to selfish manipulation. I mean, just her character itself felt like an absolute joy and a privilege to play.

My favourite aspect of filming was getting to do the stunts and stuff; I have never really gotten the chance to do that before. It felt like I spent 9 weeks running in heels in the forest, shooting guns and dancing. It felt like this whirlwind of an action adventure!

VB:  What was the most difficult part of playing Bonnie Parker?

HG: At first I thought that it was the accent but once I got on set, I’ve done so much research into that, I stuck with the accent all day on set and so after the first week, it was coming naturally.

I think the biggest challenge was knowing that I had to represent panic attacks and it’s quite scary. Because when I was talking to people, it is all about the feelings of the panic attacks. It is hard to decide how to physically portray it. I was more scared of making it look realistic.

Gladly, UK is promoting Bonnie & Clyde ! Therefore a few interviews, and the premiere date for UK Lifetime with B&C is February 6th and the following Thursday! I bought Grazia and scans will be added as soon as we can with the full interview, for now a few short quotes from it, while Holly wear Spanx on B&C set.



So Holliday Grainger’s already given us pointers on how to do an American accent: what else did she say? Watch the expanded interview.

Bonnie & Clyde stars Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) as Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, the Depression-era outlaw couple whose criminal exploits have assured them lasting fame (and pop songs by French guys). Also stars Academy Award®, Golden Globe® and Emmy® winner Holly Hunter (The Piano) as Bonnie’s mum, and Academy Award® winner and multiple Golden Globe® and Emmy® nominee William Hurt (Too Big to Fail) as Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger in pursuit of the Barrow gang. Keep an eye out for Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Lane Garrison (Prison Break), Elizabeth Reaser (The Twilight Saga) and Austin Hebert (True Blood).

Guns, cash, cars and a wardrobe to die for: it’s a bloody love story.

Starts Thursday, 6th of February, ends the following Thursday. Don’t miss it.





Holliday Grainger had to wear Spanx while filming Bonnie and Clyde, because all of her outfits were so figure hugging.

Holliday Grainger says Spanx were her best friend while filming Bonnie and Clyde.

The Manchester born actress plays Bonnie Parker in a new Lifetime TV miniseries about the infamous outlaw couple, who came to prominence in the 1930s.

Despite her slim frame she had to don a pair of Spanx, the body shaping underwear, while filming which wasn’t always comfortable for her.

“Spanx were a necessity because the skirts were so figure hugging and they show off every little curve on your belly. They were my best friend on that job, but running around forests in woollen outfit, stockings and Spanx was roasting!” she laughed to British magazine Grazia.

“I even had to wear them in the lingerie scenes. There was something strangely unsexual about it. I felt like a toddler in these little shorts with Spanx underneath and shapeless bras. So unflattering.”

Holliday was helped by costume designers on the set of Bonnie and Clyde to get a real feel for 1930s fashion.

She also sought inspiration from Bonnie Parker’s actual diaries, which helped her to get into the mind-set of the villainous bank robber

“I lived and breathed Bonnie for a bit. I read her diaries, her letters and poetry. It was such an exciting role to play, and the costumes were just beautiful. It was all matching hats and belts and very try-hard in a way that isn’t fashionable now,” Holliday commented.

“The costume designer gave me mood boards for my trailer with all the front covers of ‘20s and ‘30s Vogue, which completely emulated Bonnie’s style. It made me feel like a ‘20s model.”