Thank you to the lovely Margos who coded this design I made! Hope everyone likes it :)

Finally 😀 With great pleasure, Holliday Grainger herself, appreceates all the work this fansites gives to her, and as a special thank you I had the pleasure to receive a personalised autograph by herself with ‘Three Sisters’ card :) Thank you to Southward Playhouse for the great oportunity!


For at least a week we will be on HIATUS. We will be back next week.

Don’t forget to visit our DRESS LIKE HOLLY section!! To be updated really soon :)


Hi everyone! Changed 3 layouts of the fansite! The main page, the gallery and reopened dresslikeholly which is still going to have more additions !




Hope everyone likes the themes :))

Finally a new theme is up since our last one! Hope everyone likes it as it features Holly’s Nylon outtakes :)