Holly wears a Vionne lovely gown, made up of sumptuous pleats, projects an ethereal statement while the draped detail and red lip keeping the look distantly modern.

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Appearances / Events > 2015 > ‘Cinderella’ – UK Premiere

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Appearances / Events > 2015 > ‘Cinderella’ – UK Press Conference

Edit: More than 200 photos added!

Holly attended Cinderella’s World Premiere in LA wearing a gorgeous Burberry dress, alongside her costars, Lily, Richard and Sophie, as well as ‘The Stepmother’ Cate Blanchett. Watch the official Shoe Camera VINE here for Holly gorgeous Louboutin view. Over 200 photos of Holly are now on the gallery!



Appearances / Events > 2015 > World Premiere of Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ at the El Capitan Theatre


Captures > Appearances > 2015 > Cinderella World Premiere 2015